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Chris and Jonny interview for iHeartRadio +

Anonymous said: do exercise to relax yourself and sleep all night straight

Haha oh bb i go to the gym almost every day and still not working with the sleep. I’m a sleep rebel. But thank you for caring about it! ur awesome. ♡



Why the heck do i wake up at 11pm every night

while everybody else is getting out of bed, you’re usually getting in it

an autobiography

Why the heck do i wake up at 11pm every night

Coldplay to play in Las Vegas @ the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014 (x)


i’m giving away this viva la vida jacket i made a few years ago, i’m not sure if anyone really wants this but i’d rather give it away to another coldplayer who will use it rather than just throw it out!


  • the jacket is a women’s size 6
  • one reblog per person
  • you don’t have to be following me, i don’t post a lot about coldplay anymore
  • deadline is july 31 at midnight
  • i’ll randomly pick a winner and you must have your ask box open so i can contact you!!
  1. Coldplay: No more shows for GS
  2. Coldplay: Oh hey, the iHeartRadio show in Vegas doesn't look bad
Anonymous said: hey your gifs are awesome!!! one thing is though for photosets you make them 250px, but the correct size for tumblr is 245px! it'll just make the gifs look more clear

thanks for the advice dude i’ll take it, x

Anonymous said: I'm great too thanks! I just saw that people just ask you how many followers you have :/ and i wanted to ask you something different! Well, that's it :P have a nice day!

haha I noticed it! thank you, you’re a lovely person. 8)

Anonymous said: Hola! haz visto a Coldplay en concierto alguna vez? Yo jamás los he visto :( pero me encantaría! Crees que ahora si vengan a Latinoamerica?

No no he visto a Coldplay en vivo, desgraciadamente. La única vez que tuve una posibilidad fue en el Mylo Xylotour el 2012 pero lo terminaron cancelando así que… :/. Creo que la única vez fue el 2007 y el 2005 creo con su gira con el disco X&Y y también con Viva la Vida. Lo que sé es que ellos aman latino américa según dijeron en un programa de TV haha(se nota, eh). Bueno yo creo que para el 2015 tengamos alguna esperanza ya que al parecer en esa fecha harán un gran tour, no como ahora que fueron sólo conciertos íntimos y pequeños. :)

Anonymous said: I hope you're having a beautiful day! c:

I AM! thank you, I hope you have a great day,too. :3